Mending Hearts


  • The Grief Journey
  • Pitfalls Along the Path
  • But I’m Not Angry!
  • Feeling The Pain
  • Holidays & Other Special Days
  • My Family’s Not The Same
  • Letting Go of the Pain
  • Moving On With Hope

Significant loss is a regular part of life. Loss in the death of a loved one, friend, or colleague; the loss of a job and income; the loss of a relationship; even the loss of our illusions and dreams can impact each of us. In the wake of such losses we usually experience a sense of grief with feelings of sorrow and sadness. Being a magnet emotion, grief sometimes attaches itself to other feelings such as anger, guilt, fear, bewilderment, anxiety, and relief.

The group seeks to help people shift the focus of their attention away from a preoccupation with what they have lost to an acknowledgement and appreciation of what they have left. This can point them to the acquisition of something new in their lives, to moving beyond being stuck in the trauma of past pain, and encouragement to move forward into a future of possibility and hope.

Loss is an integral and regular part of life, and grief is an inevitable consequence of loss. Our commitment is to companion with people at such a time so that they know they are not alone in their grief and to encourage and strengthen them for their journey.